Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise

1. Reflective listening

I have had experience with empathetic listening before. It is a good technique to master as it structures a conversation towards comforting the speaker. It makes the conversation much less personal for the listener though as they follow strict structures. I find this technique only really works when one is councilling another.

2. Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

This technique for recalling emotional responses for events were quite interesting. I felt that the videos placed certain triggers formulating a more emotional response. The downside to these triggers are that they can place an answer within someones head or atleast prod at it. The structured response of the data was quite playful aswell. Though I do not see a practical point to the body map.

 3. Empathic modelling  

This is a fun way of structuring empathising. It is difficult to properly replicate ones problems which can make it abit irrelevant to the final data but it can formulate some percived connection between the researcher and the client. The results of this experiment did make both a talking point and can expand the questions which might be asked to the study subjects.