• Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise
  1. Reflective listening

It’s a pleasant experience to share my views with my good friend. To be honest, I’d like to be both a speaker and a listener because I can feel the inspiration when we talk. I think only when you learn how to understand other people as if you had experienced it yourself that you can actually make a deep conversation with them.

2. Defamiliarization of everyday reality

Public transport seems an everyday routine for me and I’m very familiar with it. However, every time when I am on a bus or train, it seems time passes too slowly because I am always anxious about getting late. So, yesterday’s tutorial task- defamiliarization of everyday reality gives me a brand new view of my daily life, helps me feel the world from the bottom of my heart. It’s totally different and I love this experience.


3.Empathic modeling

To get a new sight, we looked at things with the wrap cling on. Everything seemed so unclear and unfamiliar, I could hardly see and walk, just hand in hand with my friends and shared the feelings together. I found it was a new world when you changed your visual angle, ordinary things could become fun. Here are some photos during the tutorial, and some of my friend even posted it to their facebook or twitter to share this class experience.