Reflective listening

Active listening through repeating and asking leading questions is a good way to empathise. Through reaffirming understandings of what has been said, it allowed for a deeper connection with the individual.

Defamiliarization of everyday reality
Describing the feelings, thoughts and memories about public transport scenarios allowed for a deep experience to be recorded. As more time went by jotting down thoughts, the superficial thoughts of everyday life evolved to past memories and emotions linked to my experience being on the bus and train.


Empathetic modelling
Through this practical exercise, it allowed me to understand the bigger problem of individuals with sight problems. We rely on our eyesight every day and when this sense is gone, the familiar becomes unfamiliar. This exercise forced me to rely on illumination and closeness of distance to take photos. By stepping briefly into the shoes of an individual with visual impairment, it has allowed me to appreciate the accessibility design all around us which is normally taken for granted.