1) Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise:

  • Reflective listening
    • This exercise made me realize that I’m more comfortable being a listener than being a speaker. It helped me understand a lot about the other person and be able to connect with them better. It also made me realize that I’m more comfortable when I don’t make eye contact while talking to another individual about myself.

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  • Defamiliarisation of everyday reality
    • This exercise left me quite surprised to be honest. While the video of the bus ride left me plain bored and hurt my head because it felt like a never-ending misery, the video of the trains evoked quite a bit in me. While writing my thoughts onto the paper after watching the train video, I realized that there were so many different things brought on by just one video – frustration, nostalgia, excitement, irritation, peaceful, and aspirational. It was quite interesting to go through everything and be able to make sense of the situation.

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  • Empathic modelling
    • It was definitely not a pleasant experience. I didn’t really put any cling-wrap on my glasses, instead I just took my prescription eye-glasses off and found everything to be quite frustratingly burred. Apart from the fact that it gave me a head-ache and I wouldn’t want to be in that position again, I realized that it wasn’t really that hard to navigate around the corridor as it’s a familiar ground. It might be quite difficult to navigate around if I was put in an unfamiliar location with reduced sight though.

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