1) How did this exercise help you build empathy with prospective users?

  • The exercise helped me to understand the needs, motivations, wants, likes, dislikes, frustrations and a lot of other traits and habits of the user. The amounts of tiny little details revealed by the user allowed me to step into his shoes to try and better understand his views on the topic on hand.

2) How did the clustering of information help you to understand user needs?

  • When clustering the information generated by the group, we were able to locate a lot of similarities between our specific users, their habits, and preferences and frustrations. This helps the analyser to be able to find common problem areas or “pain points” across the board, and also similar habits and patterns of users in a specific ‘group’.

3) What was difficult or challenging with the technique? How would you do it better next time?

  • The length of the interview and the fact that it was not structured properly was quite an issue for me. I thought that interview jumped around from topic to topic, often leaving me confused with what the user really wanted. Maybe a shorter interview, where the answers are concise and to the point would help the interviewer to accurately note down their feedback and thus categorize.