A. Reflective listening

I listened and tried to encouraged person to tell me more about her stories. I think the topic I chose (How you imagine about yourself in 5-year time) is not easy for her so she was hesitant to answer initially. As I gave her more questions, she answered but with small amount of content. I think taking note of what the person spoke was not hard as the flow of information is natural and easy to follow.

The slower I speak, the more details I can speak. Sometimes, it was hard to structure what I wanted to say when I spoke fast. I prefer listening and I can give the person question and understand the person better.
B. Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

Watching the video might not be the best way to get used to the reality. Whether I defamiliarize reality depends on how attentive I was in the last time I did activities.

I didn’t pay attention to a lost of things during my commuting time. However, listening to other people talking about their own experience help me be aware of that.

C. Empathic modeling

As I relied on sound and colour, it was ok in familiar environment but extremely hard in new one. Bus and train has system of sound and sign on the road to remind people with impaired vision to recognize the path. Designer of system or products for people should take this into consideration.

Photos and scanned document can be found here.