Based on the interview reading, we will get the key point of user needs. Reading through the interview, based on user’s experience, we will be able to understand what happened, and what problems they meet, they solved problems or not. When we try to clustering the information, we can clearly see the what our use are looking for. After we write down the key point of the interview, we figure a lot of them are repeating.  We try to organizing all of the note. Some of them are hard to be the category because it seems like meet the requirement in different part. However, after we try to give a name for those categories, we begin to know where we should put those notes. This is a really good way for people to know user needs.

Moreover, notes card is more visible for us to see user needs. it is really clear to see what kind of problem our user have. Based on the rename of their problem, we will be able to find out the answer.