1.Describe your experience of creating personas from different users’ perspectives gathered in the interview data. Was there enough commonality between the 4 people interviewed to form a coherent persona? Or did it make more sense to create a second different persona?

We chose the topic ‘catching public transport’. We started the interview from some general questions such as ‘when did you take a public transport last time’ or ‘Why did you choose it’. Then, we followed the guide to talk about the favourite features and some ideal experience.

After the interview, we concluded our interview materials and started to create the personas. Since all of us have different cultural backgrounds, we met some troubles when we were forming a coherent persona. The answers were quite different to several questions such as frequency, average journey and student types. But, finally we still created a persona by deleting some inrelevant data.

2.Do you think your final persona(s) was successful in generating empathy with users? What would you change to make it better?

Despite we created a personas through the interview, I think there are still several limitations.

The first one is that we were both interviewers and interviewees which means our answers and questions could be influenced by our group mates. This could easily happen in the group in which all the members have same or similar backgrounds, because they may feel empathy during the interview and change their answers.

The other one is that four interviews’ data maybe not enough to generate empathy with users.

In conclusion, to be successful in generating empathy with users we should increase the number of samples and divide the interviewers and interviewees.