1. How is this sketch noting technique different to the traditional note taking?


The combination of text and visual information is more creative, and also more objective. It is easier to highlight the important information than traditional note taking. Sketch noting also put a more interesting impression on its audiences. You could use charts, diagrams, visual signs, and so on to interest the viewers, and make the content could be easily understood.

  1. How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely, how does it prevent it?


Through using visual presentations, we could generalize and present information in our own unique understanding. Viewing a image is always more efficient than reading a text. However, the viewers of the visual message might decode the signs in a different understanding.


  1. Personal challenges as a sketchnoter.


I do enjoy sketch noting a lot, but it is also challenging. Especially when we are doing the quick sketch while listing to the TED show. It is hard to quickly draw the main points from the talk meanwhile draw it down in an organized way. Sketch noting can be more time costing than traditional noting, because the sketchnoter must digest the information first, and organize the thought, then design the note in an understandable way. So this is another challenge for me.