Q1. To make a affinity diagram, you need to collect the data first. So what kind of data do we need? For this exercise, it should be the statements of what users interest in, what they need, their frustrations, etc. By picking up those statements from the transcription, you know their point of view, and that’s what we need to consider while we designing our product or improving user experience.

Q2. Clustering information makes it easy to find the most common needs or issues.These information comes from different members, so that would make the whole affinity diagram more comprehensive cause there might be someone can see the things you can’t see.

Q3. While you putting these information together and trying to sort them out you may find that the notes from your group member are written in different ways, like someone may wrote some very long and completed sentence while others just wrote some short phrases. And because people see things from different angles, maybe you find it’s reluctant to put two notes in one category. So next time it would be better to standardize the way we note.