How did this exercise help you build empathy with prospective users?

The reading material records all the words throughout whole interview. By reading the whole material, we can get a quite deep understand the whole story, and thus build empathy with the users. The interviewer didn’t ask for users’ requirement directly, instead, they just start a continuous conversation. After the whole talk, we try to dig out the needs by reading the recordings again and again. In this way, we can really place ourselves into to users’ shoes.


How did the clustering of information help you to understand user needs?

A bottom-up way to extract information may help us become more unaffected when finding users’ needs. Since we don’t try to place a certain requirement (or frustration) into certain categories. Instead, we try firstly highlight all the key words, and then try to find the similarity between some of the words. In this way, we won’t be limited by the clusters that are already there.


What was difficult or challenging with the technique? How would you do it better next time?

  • There are different types of words we have highlighted: good things about the trip, frustration, all some needs is told by the user directly. I cause some troubles when we tried to find the similarity between various types of information.

Solution: Discussion with team member absolutely helps to find out the needs from users. So, work in group, brain storm and express your own perspective would for sure be helpful.

  • Some words can be fitted into two(or three) categories at the same time, in this case I’m confused which categories should I put them into.

Solution: After the class, I realize I don’t have to put them into one category only, some words can fit to more than one. That won’t matters at all.