1.How is this sketchnoting technique different to the traditional note taking?

Sketchnoting is a way we mix some skething elements with the usual writing words. Compared to traditional note taking, some advantages I’ve noticed including:

  • It offers a more visual and vivid way for the readers to grab the information from the notes. The visual elements make reader easier to undersand the key information in a short time, in other wards, more efficient.
  • Using our visual nerve to memorize, give reader a deeper impression.
  • More likely to get others’ attention, thus could deliver the messages with high efficiency.
  • Can easily HIGHLIGHT the key information( using graphic, pictures, etc)

However, sketchnoting does have some disadvantages:

  • Usually it takes more time than a traditonal noting method
  • Not everyone can grasp this skill without a certain time of training.

2.How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely, how does it prevent it?

Pictural are somewhere easier for people to connect the whole story together, the logic will surely be clear than simply just words. For example , say we are taking a note about how car manufacturing developes in the past 2 decades, we can drawing the most significant changes during this time and give reader a directly impression. While if we just use words, the reader may get confused.

However, if we are not a qualified note-taker, things may go the other way: reader can hardly understand anything from your sketch.

3.Personal challenges as a sketchnoter?

  • Bad drawing skill: limit my expression of my idea.
  • Doesn’t have much idea about how to use some elements(like color, figures) to highlight the point I want to show.
  • Struggling on reading meanwhile drawing/writting .

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