1. How is sketch noting technique different to the traditional note-taking?

It involves listening, thinking, and learning in a different way as we would normally do when taking notes whilst listening to a video or conversation because you need to think on how to imprint a whole concept or idea in an image or series of images instead of using words; then do it fast so that you can keep up with the speaker´s pace and with the story. But at the same time, it makes you be selective on what you choose as relevant to get the story across.

It also involves being able to structure the information in a way that makes sense and follows an order, without knowing if what you´re drawing/writing down at the spot you´re doing it will be convenient for it to be linked to the content that´s coming, so a bit of anticipating design.

  1. How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely, how does it prevent it?

It facilitates communication in that it makes content more engaging and interesting, and maybe even easier to remember for people that are more visual. It is also a way to simplify complex ideas into a clear graphic element that may be more easily accessible to a diverse public of different ages, academic background or level, culture, or other.

The risk of a graphic-based note-taking is that is challenging to keep a clear structure on the go and sometimes content can get a bit messy and make it hard for other people (that´s not the note taker) to understand it as a story and not a mix of facts. Following this same thought, it might also be hard to remember the whole story in the proper order when going back to the notes some time after (even for the note-taker). And finally, while an image mixed with text (or not) might be very clear for the note-taker, might be interpreted differently by the reader.

  1. Personal challenges as a sketchnoter.
  • Doing it fast
  • Keeping up with the story whilst drawing
  • Choosing images wisely to get the right message ahead
  • Choosing the pieces of information that best represent the content