1. How is this sketch noting technique different to the traditional note taking?

Traditional note technique it depends only on words which doesn’t give more choices to have notes in another way or have a special layout so its a little boring to use but it works for taking normal notes.

On the other hand the sketch noting technique as a designer it provides more options for taking notes like adding icons, arrows, diagrams…So, this technique is very helpful since it shows both sides words and the visual side that helps the designer to improve his skills because it depends on a deeply thinking while taking notes to catch the important points for the user to improve it.

2. How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely, how does it prevent it?

A visual approach for taking notes gives the opportunity for the designer to remember the notes through pictures or visual items that support my ideas while designing for not missing any details since i have both options words and visual items thus my ideas will be clear.

However the visual approach facilitate the note taking only for the designer but i think it doesn’t work if i need to share those notes with others since i might be the only one who will understand the visual items i have sketched.


3. Personal challenges as a sketchnoter:

As a first experience with sketchnoting it requires more focusing than the normal note taking in order to sketch visually the notes correctly thus not an easy way to take notes but it helps later while arranging the ideas that will gonna be more clearly than before.