IMG_47631.How is sketchnoting technique different to the traditional note taking?

For me the most significant difference lies in the form of expression. Traditional note taking is only based on latters and punctuations which seems to be a little bit boring , whereas the new method of note taking we used in class– sketchnoting– is more entertaining and it’s also a success combination of symbols, shapes and even colors!

So I prefer to describe it as a great achievement and progress in contrast with traditional note taking which should be encouraged to be used by more people especially primary and secondary school students– in order to inspire their talents .

2.How does this approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely, how dows it prevent it?

Sketching is no doubt a typical double- sided concept for communication. Many people appreciate its positive effect towards communicating– making things easier, however, opponents would like to show drawbacks, such as causing misunderstandings and misleading while communicating .

As far as I’m concerned, the disadvantages could are always beaten by great advantages since sketching not only makes things easier , but also inspires creativity in communication.

3.Personal challenges as a sketchnoter.

Lack of experience :

I’ve never tried it before. It’s more like a technical weakness which caused me a lot of problems when describing what I am thinking using pencil in hand. But I’m sure I will finally fix it at the end of this semester with so many reference books.

Hard to catch everything heard:

If the speed of lecture is a bit more faster, I’m not sure if I could capture every important point. I think it might be also due to my unfamiliar with symbols and shapes I use while sketching– if I can use them properly without hesitation, I would not have to worry about it.