1. How is this sketchnoting technique different to the traditional note taking?

Traditional note taking is simply use words to record the information, while sketchnoting allows users to use symbols, graphics, icons and others to express their ideas in a directly way.

I thought there are three difference between traditional noting and skechnoting.

  1. I use big size characters and some specific icons to emphasis what I thought is important when I use sketchnoting technique, so it is easier to find the key points of a video or an article when I review my notes.
  2. Drawing some simple figures is a faster way to record information than use long sentences. Thus, I can capture more information when I use sketchnoting.
  3. I use some graphics such as tablet, vest, bat to represent some specific meaning. When I review my note, I can recall my memory about these meanings quickly, which also repeat and enhance my understanding about the story.


  1. How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely how does it prevent it?

 Visual approach is a powerful and direct way to convey emotions and ideas of noter through draw some understandable graphics and icons.

But just like I said before, one simple graphic may represent a long story, which is easier for noter to understand but may mislead audience.

3. Personal challenges as a sketchnoter:

Firstly, I am not good at sketch, so sometimes I don’t know how to sketch what I received.

Secondly, I am an international student, it is a little bit hard for me to understand the meaning of the whole text and sketch these things at the same time. I may miss something important when I draw graphics I heard last seconds.

Thirdly, I am not sure about the layout. I don’t have enough space to sketch points at the last of presentation.