1. While traditional note taking is primarily written text Sketchnoting combines the use of visual and verbal notation to visualise a story. Sketchnoting also has loose rules around formatting (radial, top to bottom, flow etc.) depending on personal preference compared to the structured format of the traditional method.
  1. The benefits of sketchnoting for me is that once completed I have an easy visual reference to stimulate my thinking back to the point that was being made, also a handy tool to communicate what happened to others. Similarly I don’t have to read through line by line of the same handwriting to find a specific point because there is usually a graphic that identifies the topic at that particular point on the page.
  1. As a sketchnoter I find it really hard not to revert to writing everything down. I also find different formatting limiting sometimes due to space constraints, and that I will often move on without completing pictures and then when I go back to them I have forgotten what I was trying to draw. Like everything I think it requires practice.

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Sketchnoting – can we create new senses for humans