How is this sketchnoting technique different to the traditional note taking?

Sketchnoting is more creative and casual,it doesn’t have to be limited by the format. Compared with the traditional note,  using pictures, lines, shapes and doodles,  sketchnoting become a creative way to make notes more intuitive, vivid and easy to understand. Presenting information in pictorial form rather than just as only words by words not only benefits memory for some important items, but also provides a memorial advantage for associations generated between different things.

How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely, how does it prevent it?

Personally,this visual approach is more timesaving and easier to emphasize the key points. Some simple lines, shapes, symbols and words are enough to represent and record the main ideas of the lectures or important communication.

However, it does exist some shortages. It is impossible to keep a record of every detail by using sketchnoting. So, after a couple of days, when I read my notes again, I might not remember many details.

Personal challenges as a sketchnoter.

For me, the biggest challenge is my poor sketching skill. It is hard to catch the key points and draw them immediately at the same time. Due to the poor background in sketching, I always need more time to consider which way should be use and how to draw it after I catch some key points. So, as a newbie, I think a great deal of sketch practices maybe the only way for me to improve the skills of sketchnoting.