It is my first time sketchnoting , I had not even thought sketchnoting is quite fun and inspires me to add more detail and content.

  • How is this sketchnoting technique different to the traditional note taking?Compared with the traditional note taking, sketchnoting requires more creative, logicality and inspiration. When I sketch a note, word is not the only consideration, what I concern is how to arrange a wide range of information in a small piece of paper for a logical, cleaner look and emphasize my key point and idea. At the same time, sketchnoing provides the ideas of sketchnoter which are quite immediate to readers. Traditional note taking is more preciseness and has more detail and information, sketchnoting offers a bridge between sketnoter and reader and it is more intuitive.
  • How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely, how does it prevent it?I believe thought is a circle that everything in my mind have connection, visual approach and drawing provide a direct connection with each idea I would like to express in a simply and logical way. In this way, I can easily notice the information I miss and remind me the key point. Unfortunately, my drawing skill is not good enough and it take me a while. Sometime a disordered mass visual idea arrangement or structure would also confuse or mislead sketchnoters themselves and readers.
  • Personal challenges as a sketchnoter.First of all, bad drawing skill. It takes me a while to plan and draw a wide range of information in a piece of paper. Beside that, I get used to use mind map for taking note, so for sketchnoting, it seems ineffective.