1.How is this technique different to traditional note taking?

This technique and traditional note taking are both highly effective for take note. The different is traditional note is highly structured, people always following step by step to taking note. It may be useless with ideas and original thoughts. Meanwhile, this technique is more creative and stimulates the flow of ideas and inspires you. This technique need to gather them and apply that understanding to your own creative work. Not just following or copy from each step.

2.How does this approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Or conversely, prevent it?

I think sketch is the quick and better way to visual important information or it can simplify complex thing. People may more directly understand characteristic and ideas.

But sometime it can be changed in opposite directions –you don`t have a good ideas or without a clear structure, your sketch is likely to come across as abrupt or confusing.

3.Personal challenges as “sketchnoter”:
 Structure information
I want to use freeform to be the structure, but the problem is my topic is “A recipe”, which means I should following the steps. So I was stuck in this situation for long time, so I was research many examples and then finally I figure out this problem.
 Too much ideas
I had so many ideas for sketch but am not sure how to get them off the ground. Even I can’t start sketching. After a while, I had to make this hard decision –give up other ideas, focus on one good idea. IMG_1072.JPG

– lcao5648