This was the moment where the penny dropped. I have always doodled, from primary school to now in my day-to-day job as a project manager. I always thought it was due to my low attention span but this week, I was able to see it a little differently. I finally saw that all the doodles and images that I was always sketching in meetings had purpose and in many times, offered inspiration.

  1. How is this technique different to the traditional note taking? Sketchnoting is a  interactive tool of note taking  that provides the visual narrative not only to be shared with others, but to the sketcher themselves. It is a way to visually represent information. For me, it provided a sense of pleasure rather than a chore in what you are trying to learn whilst I was able to remember a lot of the information that was being spoken about it.  Likewise,  rather than  just writing notes, it enabled me  to place the information into a way that is understandable and relevant to how I think.
  2. How does the visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely how does it prevent it? As mentioned up above, I find that sketchnoting is an interactive way to visually learn, helping me to organise my thoughts as well as assisting me in thinking laterally in a linear world and a way to express myself creatively. It is a great way to firstly ideate and then further iterate which can only to  to a better solution or further thought process.  On the flip side, I can see how this could work conversely. For example, if it is too complex and not clear in the information’s depiction, as it is up to the individual’s interpretation, the message/information could be lost on the beholder when referring back to it.
  3. Personal challenges as a sketchnoter.
    1. Planning the sketchnote in the space your are using was difficult. I find that using this technique it can be  spontaneous and an iterative process itself. However, you have to use a lot more foresight to ensure you use the space effectively.
    2. Whilst listening to the Ted Talk, I found it hard to listen, think it through then sketchnote. I felt rushed. I think with more practice this will become easier.
    3.  Ensuring that you keep it simple. We have a tendency to over complicated matters. Less is more is key in sketchnoting to ensure your message it conveyed effectively.