sketch noteHow is this technique different to traditional note taking?

In my opinion sketchnoting is more involved than standard note taking. It’s much easier to jot down or copy buzz words from a presentation, whereas a sketch note demands more consideration. Although the process is more involved, it encourages creativity and noting information in a symbolic way, visual “story-telling”. Upon reflection of my sketchnotes I felt that I had retained more information and was able to retrace thoughts easier when reviewing my sketch note – in comparison to when I had taken written notes during a presentation.

How does this approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Or conversely, prevent it?

As mentioned in the previous question, in my opinion it’s visual story-telling. It enabled me to add flow, rhythm and symbolic images to communicate process and thoughts. I feel as though it makes for more engaging content with the viewer. The only downside I see from communicating in this method is if it’s down poorly, a viewer may be confused by the content or not fully understand the process and message.

Personal challenges as “sketchnoter”:

  • Communicating process/ideas/message in a clear, logical way
  • Space issues on the page (I found I had problems with layout when using the grid method)
  • Own worst critic, when viewing my sketchnote I judged it harshly and had to break down the barrier of trying to create something that’s perfectly drawn.