1. Traditional note taking is just writing down some keywords and it could be in details, but sketch noting technique is a visual note takin1568946912g which is simply to be understood and reviewed but not very specific. However, sketch noting is a timesaving way to capture all the important information. While the traditional note taking may miss some key information due to the slow hardwiring. It is fun to capture an idea by sketch noting instead of traditional note taking.

2. Firstly, I think sketch noting is much more interesting than traditional note-taking to express my ideas. Besides that, the audience will be more interested in what I am showing. However, sketch noting is not always beneficial to communication because it may induce listeners to ignore the explanation words.

3. For me as a sketchnoter, the most challenge thing is the great sketch skill. During the tutorial, it was hard for me to draw an expressive character. Except that, I found that I was poor in the structure. In my opinion, a good sketch noting is to show and enhance the key point of an idea.