1. How is this sketchnoting technique different to the traditional note taking?
I found myself making “creativity” one of my goals, as opposed to only looking at “clarity”. It definitely made me think of mind maps and graphic novels. I think, with traditional note taking, we’re very focused on getting EVERYTHING down, and getting it down precisely. With sketchnoting, we organize information as we sketchnote, and we sketchnote our impression of the information as well as key information.


2. How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely, how does it prevent it?
Usually, when writing, we communicate linearly and with other constraints of the page (especially with lined pages). Using this visual approach, we can play with a lot of other variables. We can make words big or small. We can DRAW words. We can draw speech bubbles, or characters who say what we want to be said (e.g. I drew a bat and a frog to underscore how animals have a different sensory umwelt).


3. Personal challenges as a sketchnoter.

How to better organize information visually.
How to add graphics to words, to enhance their delivery.



 – mtan3252