1.How did thinking in terms of shots and scenes influence your approach to communicating your design concept?

A short film is a more narrative way to convey our design concept than traditional design-deck slides. That makes me think more about how audience understand my idea. When thinking about which kind of shots can shows the atmosphere better, I focus more on users.

2. What motivated your choice of storyline structure? Can you think of an exemplar from a film that uses the same structure?

For our storyboard we use typical narration like most movies and TV plays do.

3.What choices did you make about audience and style? Were they related?

Our target audience is potential users. Since they vary in terms of age, gender and identity, we use a way that most people can accept, typical narration. We hope they can have a rough idea about our concept and how to interact with our design by a simple story. But, if our users are a certain group, for example punk teenager, we might use a dark gothic style to attract them.