1.Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise

Reflective listening


I was surprised at this exercise and found it really immersive. It made me feel more than thing in my body. I was able to focus more and found it an interesting exercise in picking up particular details in a unique way


I found this made me think about how much I take for granted in terms of being an able bodied person. It made me think of other things in nature such as animals and the colours in which they view the world it. It made me understand I need to think outside my situation to conceptualise and develop broader design solutions.

Empathetic Modelling

I found this exercise both fun and creative. Because the student art exhibition was on I found I was able to view their works in a different frame of mind. Colours, shapes and their distortion gave me a different insight in to changing the environment around you to think differently or more creatively.


2.Complement your reflections with photographs of the process

img_20160817_210336 img_20160817_210232