1) Choose one of the objects you selected and

describe how your initial understanding of its

affordances changed over the course of the


The object I choose is brush. The traditional use of brush is to clean, but when I change it to the other side, it can be use as a hard stick to dig.

2) Given that affordances is a relational

property between a person and an object ,

how did the manipulation of the object and

the person’s abilities inform your

understanding of the concept? Did it give

you inspiration or insight for how to work

with affordances as a designer? Discuss this

through the specific objects you explored in

the exercise.

Considering the object knife, I realized that it is hard for the blind people to find out which side of the object is the handle since they have to touch the object before they know the fact. They may get hurt during this action. So the  relationship between blind users and the knife are not being considered in the process of designing the knife. So as a designer, I should consider about all the possible situation , at least I will list which are the customers that the  product is not suitable for.613522178.jpg