This week I received feedback of my poster, the topic I choose is the relationship among community which is relative our of us. In the University of  Sydney, most students are international students, and I believe the topic concerns us all (or almost all).

And I received the comment from my classmates:

  • Have you considered the difficulty of how to integrate your system with the one of university?

Yes, like what I mentioned in my slide, this kind of super timetable was very popular                in China among high school and university for recent time. I think it won’t be a big deal to integrate it with the university since most universities are using Black Board. It is easy to manipulate.

  • Do you think this system would distract students from the formal class?

No, I think the benefits students get from it overweights the disadvantages of it.I don’t think students would like to spends time on Super-Timetable to know new friends, since people don’t like to spend long time to get to know new things, they would like to spend time on something they are familiar with, if they really don’t like the course and want to do something else to kill time.

But they could gets to know new friends and discuss the homework or anything relates or not relates with the course. This system or app would collapses distance and makes everyone your neighbour. Its is a new kind of Facebook which every students were linked with the class they  choose or they are interested.