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  • How did thinking in terms of shots and scenes influence your approach to communicating your design concept?

While I was making visual storytelling work, I found I could not simply slap a few stock photos. I need to consider the whole structure and calls to action must be crafted carefully, my visual content deserves more than a second thought. My target customers will form their own interpretations and first impressions based on the visuals I choose to put before them. I could imagine the true senses of user who is employing my design product.

  • What motivated your choice of storyline structure? Can you think of an exemplar from a film that uses the same structure?

We defined our storyline structure according to the example that showed on the lecture, cause our design proposal is also about community health. Meanwhile, we searched a piece of short videos on Facebook, which also inspired us.

  • What choices did you make about audience and style? Were they related?

The two of our group has investigated community health on both IDA and diabetes. The main difficulty we need to address is different age groups. As a result, we built a structure of our storyline among 28-year-old Amanda and her 8-month daughter, as well as her husband Ben. We organized the whole structure around IDA and diabetes.