1)  How did thinking in terms of shots and scenes influence your approach to communicating your design concept?

Thinking in terms of shots and scenes allowed me to express myself more clearly.For example,my design concept was a pair of shoes enabling women to escape faster from danger.In the scenes,I was thinking about using the hand-held shots to create most of my scenes. In this way, I could easily use the shaking shots to express character’s fair to build the sympathy of the audience. Moreover,by using a quick shot to record what speed characters can reach after she motivate the shoes, users can better know about how well the shoes work.

2)  What motivated your choice of storyline structure? Can you think of an exemplar from a film that uses the same structure?

There were 6 elements in the storyline: who,where,when,what,how and why.My storyline was based on chronological order,by first introducing the background of the scene(1 where 2 when 3 who) and then showing the audience the produce(4 what) and how (5) to use it and the sixth element (6 why) was lying in the whole story. It was using the same structure as the movie “Kingsman- the Secret Service”

3)  What choices did you make about audience and style? Were they related?

I was thinking about filming the whole video from first perspective, since this was the easiest way to build sympathy with the audience. From the first person of the view, audience would feel like they were the character in the story and feeling the same tension and relieve.It would be a good approach to express my product clearly.