IDEA9106 Design Thinking

Design is a state of mind

Blog Reflection 10-ltia0633

1)  How did thinking in terms of shots and scenes influence your approach to communicating your design concept?It gave more details when I was thinking the shots and scenes, at that time, I need to think about the images what I want can be made in real or not. the other thing is how to make these shots to express my project’s advantages.
2)  What motivated your choice of storyline structure? Can you think of an exemplar from a film that uses the same structure?Our project is a security system, when I was making the storyline, I used the scene play- a student come back home and meet a criminal, then he use the security system to save himself. This kind of way also can be found in ads.
3)  What choices did you make about audience and style? Were they related?Of course, the users of our project is students. In this video, the story is talking about the situations that students will meet.


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