Choose one of the objects you selected and describe how your initial understanding of its affordances changed over the course of the exercise? 

In this tutorial class, I selected a toothbrush. At the beginning, I think it can be used for cleaning tooth. At the same time, it can also be used as a small brush. To be honest, it can brush anything, and the result is that no one wants to use it as a toothbrush again. After the class, I just found more affordances of it. Firstly, it can be used as a stick to tilt other things. Secondly, two toothbrushes can be used as chopsticks. Thirdly, it can be a holder for mirrors.

Given that affordances is a relational property between a person and an object, how did the manipulation of the object and the person’s abilities inform your understanding of the concept? Did it give you inspiration or insight for how to work with affordances as a designer? Discuss this through the specific objects you explored in the exercise. 

In this class, i tried to use a pair of chopsticks to control the toothbrush. It is really difficult to use it. I totally could not handle the bursa and could not use too much force. For normal people, it’s easy to brush tooth. But for those who have physical disabilities, this is a great challenge. From this, i learnt that sometimes a design is suitable for most of people, but it can be a problem for some special groups, like the old and the disable.