1.What kinds of information and insights did it give you about the usability of the prototype?

As observer (Sydney Opera House)

User observation

In this process, I perform as an evaluator, I focus more on the changes of emotion expressions. The teammate I observe always show the same expression as the following one and three. So it is quiet a challenge to tell the differences between some similar emotions. Also, as an evaluator, only try to tell the differences is not enough, I should also communicate with my actor, trying to give some guessing and ask him for whether my guess is correct or not. When I got confused by his expressions, I also ask him by “what is wrong with it “directly. Thanks to the practice of being an evaluator, I gradually understand the importance of communication and the tips of how to guess the inner world of my observed person rationally and also effectively.


In this process, I acted as a photographer, I kept all the things by recordings. It is quiet an easy task for me since recording does not necessarily to think to hard but try to find the best spot to record it. At the very beginning, I did not catch a good scene that the observed person’s expressions and her behaviours of surfing the Internet cannot appear on my video at the same time. With the help of my teammate, I adjust the angle of photographing a little bit, and finally get the content angle and high quality recordings.


2.What aspects of the technique worked well or were frustrating?

As for me, I think both methods of observing are quiet useful. For the user observation part, I focus more on the micro-emotions while on the Think-Aloud part, I focus more on listening the comments of the experiencing person.

I get confused by the Think-Aloud method a little bit. I am wondered does this method really function? As the person should continue to speak something, how can he/she focus on what they are doing? Also, in the observation part, if the person speaks nothing while allowing he is born to be like frowning, how can the evaluator know whether it is his nature or he really feels the frustrating that makes him frown. It is really difficult to tell.

In general, I prefer to combine those two methods. Reducing the extreme condition, speak when it is necessary. Maybe it is a better way to convey information to others.