1. Choose one object and describe how your initial understanding of its affordances changed over the course of the exercise.

At the beggining, it was difficult to think about different affordances. It was easier for some objects and really difficult for others.I will choose dental floss. When thinking about it and how it could be used in a different environment, I imagined that dental floss can have similar affordances as any thin (very thin) thread. You can hang, tie, decorate with it or even use it as a headband or ring (for example, if you think that a kid is playing with it).

2. In the second exercise we explored how different users interact with chop sticks. We realized that for many people is not as easy to use them as it looks. By adding some extra features, we discovered that the same sticks could be transformed in “learning sticks” for people who doesn´t know how to use them. These new features also were very helpful when we changed our partner´s ability (making it more difficult to intercat with it fingers, which is crucial when using chop sticks), so we felt it was a good design improvement, that converted a hidden affordance into a perceptible affordance.  IMG-20160928-WA0019.jpg