As the user (Web: Sydney Opera House Website)

The website interface of Sydney Opera House Website is user-friendly, with a good sight of the whole functions. The task of mine is book two tickets which will be conducted in the Opera House at the New year’s eve. The whole page of this website looks simple but the searching option is not clear and I am unfamiliar with the button which I could search what I want. I was a little unfamiliar while I was using this website. However, after I found the entrance to look for the date, the progress of booking tickets is easier.

As the evaluator (as the administrator)

As an evaluator, I found that the task for using office work website looks like easier than mine but while the true user is doing the task, the filter and the searching information are not totally about the key world. At the same time, I could find the user face changes, most of time are confused and while she was searching the nearest office work in Glebe, she made a mistake. On the whole, the user flow is much more clear and it has a better user experience.