How did physically acting out help to explore ideas? Did you refine your ideas and solutions to the problem through bodystroming? In what way?

Bodystorming is really a simple way to help designers to explore ideas.

Identify the location of the context of work and consider the larger ecosystem of a given interaction. For example, last tutorial class our team are designing a high-tech helmet for those having sleeping problems passengers. First, we identify several potential sites, such as three people sitting in the three crowding seats, a crying baby, a young men wearing headphones. Then imagining you are sitting between them and you really want to have a good sleep. After that we bodystorming that situation, one act the crying baby and one act the young men, the last act the sleepless men sitting between them. All of us All of us act the sleepless men and write down our feelings. Then we brainstorming the solutions.

What was difficult or challenging about bodystroming?

Bodystroming cannot 100% create the real situation. For example, last tutorial our team choose the airplane situation. We mainly focus on the airplane sleeping issue. We can use our imagination to think about the users feeling. But we cannot create the real airplane atmosphere, the smell, the touch, and the sound of everything that you see.

Does bodystorming lend itself to certain types of problems?

I think using bodystorming is a really good way to understand and feeling about the situations that we are not familiar with.