How did physically acting out help to explore ideas? 

Physically acting out helps you experience the true sense for a certain situation. Designers could experience the imitated situation while they are acting as the true users. The needs of users are more apparent than just imaging. A group of people is more likely to act together and some points, which are usually ignored by us, could be found easily. This way will be helpful while looking for the ache point of users.


Did you refine your ideas and solutions to the problem through body storming? In what way? 

While designers are acting physically, their ideas are usually influenced by the specific conditions and it is easy to be refined. For example, we selected “sleeping on airplanes” as a design problem. We came up a series of ideas about sleeping on airplanes, and then act as the true passengers on planes. Such as noise, annoying smells and polluted light are common issues, which are always confused by passengers. We also find some ideas to address these problems. Such as a special seat that could use VR technology and can be insulated from others reasons that could cause sleeping problems while flying. All of these solutions are found after refining ideas about this problem.


What was difficult or challenging about body storming? 

Undoubtly, acting as a true user is really difficult, and we usually ignore some methods and details, we have to pay a lot of attention on it and act as a true user.


Does body storming lend it to certain types of problems?

Body storming is a suitable method to address certain types of problems, such as problems that in relation to our daily life. Those senses we are familiar with, we usually refine and reflect the details easily and exactly.