1.How did physically acting out help to explore ideas?

  • Firstly, bodystorming makes it possible to for designers to feel the problem physically rather than just thinking in their mind. Many good ideas and inspirations can be recognised and explored when they are trying to experience the real situation because it is difficult to figure out all the factors of the problem in our mind.
  • In addition, this technique can bridge the gap between users and designers because designers are able to experience and witness the actual behaviours and emotions of users when facing the problem. Therefore, for designers, bodystorming  can help them to gain understanding and empathy with users , and then make a contribution to exploring ideas in terms of the subtle details that have been recognised.

2.Did you refine your ideas and solutions to the problem through brainstorming?                          In what way?

Yes, it helped me a lot to refine my ideas and solutions to the problem in the tutorial, in which our group tried to find the solutions dealing with problems of sleeping in the airplane such as the noise and lights that disturb passenger’s sleeping. In order to experience these problems physically, we simulate the real situation and three of us acted as passengers who are facing these problems, while another group member was as an observer. By doing this, each of us all recognised several ideas or solutions to these problems because actors are able to have inspirations through experiencing the real situation and observer can recognise solutions by observing actor’s behaviours. For example, when I was imaging and feeling myself in a airplane that is quite noisy and bright, I figured out a solution to solve these problems by using a big hat that can reduce noise, make fresh air and there is a screen inside. In conclusion, brainstorming is a great method to develop ideas and solutions.

3.What was difficult or challenging about bodystorming?

From my perspective, the most challenging thing is that we cannot simulate physically all contextual factors in a situation such as the smelling and sound, so sometimes it is difficult for us to act like in a real situation.

4.Does bodystorming lend itself to certain types of problems?

In my viewpoint, bodystorming is suitable for the problems that can happen in the real world rather than those virtual problems like software bugs. This is because designers need to act out roles physically when using this technique. It is impossible for them to take a role of software.