In the tutorial last week, I presented my research report on community health for gym members to a group of 5 people.

I received a lot of reflections and suggestions from others after presentation, which helped me to explore and revise ideas.For example, I received a reflection “Have you thought about putting some sensors in some parts of body that could detect false movement and give real time warning?”This feedback really inspired me to explore a new idea and I have decided to develop this idea as a concept in the design proposal.

Another very useful reflection is that “I want to know the different sports performance between the one with a personal trainer and the one without.” This reflection reminded me of an important missing point in my research report, and it made me realise that I need to include this information in my design proposal to support my ideas.

While listening to others presentation and watching their posters, I can get a lot of inspirations and ideas as well. I noticed a lot of different way of presenting information on a poster like how to organise the information and choose layout. Also, I can acquire a lot of new interesting knowledge among diversified fields including skin cancer, impacts of smoking and so on.

Overall, I have learned a lot in this tutorial and it’s really beneficial to my design proposal .