Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise
(1)Reflective listening

As a speaker, I focus on scratching the eye-contact with my audience. He is a good listener, slightly frown from time to time and always watches me carefully. Asking the related questions followed with my answers, he made me feel confident. So I can quickly get a quick response that whether he knows what I mean.  Also, through the eye contact, I can also get hang of what kinds of talking he really interested in.

(2) Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

In this process, I feel that it is the longest part of the tutorial, since the occasions are too familiar to me, the train showed on the screen is which I take most often, so I can even felt such a boring period waiting for the train coming. On the other part of a bus, there was also no meaning just daily life’s experience. When the bus was shaking on the video, I can catch the same feeling as if I were in the bus and just shook with the waves. Such a kind of feeling was not so good, so I quickly get myself out of such a bad experience.


(3)Empathetic Modelling:

The Empathetic Modelling is quiet interesting. Even though feel not so comfortable when getting the plastic bags among my eyes. Actually, I do not need such an equipment, my eyesight is about 3.75 which means I am medium myopia. However, I cannot get used to wearing glasses. So there is no big difference between me and the patients who can not see the world clearly.


This class is quiet helpful for me to build the ability to experience others’ world and their feelings. It is such an important area which can be easily ignored during our lives. If you cannot see the world in others’ perspective, how can you understand them and hammer out their interests and needs?