How did taking the position of an Extreme User influence your thinking in relation to the design challenge?

The experience was unique. Usability study is always about empathising with user. By introducing the extreme character, the whole idea was completely influenced by the extreme character chosen. We took extreme character as good samaritan and worked towards building the scenario of converting a simple telephone booth to friendly booth.

Was it different to how you usually generate ideas and empathy?

 It was pretty different. As mentioned earlier, introducing extreme character was influential. We started ideating in the way of good samaritan to build the scenario and conversion of telephone booth.

Did any of the other design thinking techniques (design provocation cards, stories, storyboards, etc.) help you to work through ideas and collaborate with your group members?

Definitely. Every step was a building step towards the prototype and bringing out a scenario. Design provocation was influenced by the extreme character. From Good samaritan, we went ahead o build friendly booth. This influenced story and gradually storyboard. The pictures were hand drawn and the whole activity was very fruitful.