I received good feedback on my poster, and I believe because the topic I chose concern us all (or almost all). Specifically, my peers made the following comments:

  • Have I thought about users connecting and commenting anonymously? Yes, one of the features of the web page and participation in conversations is precisely about that, anonymous participation for those who want that (I forgot to mention that during the 3 mn presentation).
  • Suggested to have a look to: Are You Ok (month social events) and Yummly.
  • I did not know that…people sharing little tips and advice on what works for them to calm down or reduce stress could be so useful
  • Tell me more about your idea “The Mindful Watch”, I think that a wearable aiding people who experience negative mental issues is a solid idea (then the idea of complementing both of my ideas appeared, the watch and the well-being school).