Brief reflection on the lessons learnt from each exercise

1. reflective listening

In this exercise, we in turn play the role of a speaker and listener. I learnt that as a speaker, we need to be considerate about controlling our speaking in an acceptable speed, and also not to go off the point. And as a listener, it is important not to interrupt the speaker, observe the speaker, and try to understand the speaker and be responsive, also ask questions in appropriate time politely.

2. defamiliarisation of everyday reality

By watching two videos recording public transport, we tried to obtain new perspective and information from these familiar circumstances. It is useful to defamiliarise normal scenes and products, especially for designers, so that we can keep discovering new ideas and apply them in design of everyday things.

3. empathic modelling

By wrapping the cling wrap to my glasses and phone camera, I experienced a whole new world by viewing things in a blurred and distorted way. This method helps us build up empathy to the people in poor eyesight, from which we can better understand their inconvenience and feeling, and try to solve this problem after we have experienced it. Also, this is a good way to defamiliarise the reality.

complement your elections with photographs of the process


include a scanned copy of your defamiliarisation formsbusbus