This week, we did a peer-to-peer review about each of our research reports. Each of us, in groups of 4-6 people, took turns to present our posters and then as the audience, we would write our comments / questions / feedbacks on post-it notes.


For my research report, I received a number of constructive and critical feedbacks from my peers. And my own responses have been recorded as above. To briefly summarize:

  • One of my peers pointed out that he/she didn’t know that one could be fined for the possession of electronic cigarette(s) before 2016
  • One suggested I look into an interesting program developed at YALE, called ‘cravingtoquit’
  • One suggested that I look into Positive Reinforcement method to encourage smoking cessation; a very sound advice, in my opinion and would actually work best in tandem with the Negative Reinforcement method for Initial Concept #1
  • One asked if I’ve thought about way(s) to engage more male respondents

In general, I received quite positive feedbacks for the report, however, I realize that my work is far from perfect and that with all these suggestions I received and I shall work upon, hopefully will improve my work to make it more solid.