1.Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercises

Reflective listening

Reflective listening helps me to have a better understanding of customers’ situation. To be honest, In my daily life, If my friend talk with me or complained to me, I will tell them my opinion directly. Even text them and give them more advices after I come back home. But, after today’s class, I realized that listening is a really important. Because everyone is different, you have listen to them, fully understand their situation, then repeat their words to affirm with them. Finally, you can combined with your own experience and gave them better advices.

At the class, we watched two different videos. After I watched the first video, I imaged I was the customer in the station. Honestly, I really enjoy that process. Once you put yourself into that specific situation, image you are the customer, you can easily understand the customers’ feeling and ideas. This is really a easy and direct way to find out the problems. For example, I feel very tied but all seats are occupied, so more seats are needed. For the second video, the filmmaker give us another perspective to watch the view. I combine my experience to this video, which is a terrible bus trip, I feel stuffy, jolt and dizzy. I think these bad feeling are needed to promote.

Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

In this part I realize that we can see the world in different view. Like pokemon go using AR and many video games using VR, they all see the world in a new angle. When I was very young, I always expected to see the world in some animal’s or insect’s view, I believed that  would be fun, but until now my dream haven’t come true. I hope I can design some algorithm relate to that one day.

2. Complement your reflection with photographs of the process



3. Include a scanned copy of you defamilitarization forms (public transport)