1. How did taking the position of an Extreme User influence your thinking…? It  helped us focus on a solution  related with the user values and interests, so in a sense we narrowed the possible ideas to relate them to the Extreme User. Instead of thinking on anything that we thought could be interesting for any person, new ideas came in, although all of them from the perspective of the chosen user (samaritan). By creating a character profile,it was easier to identify with it and be more emphathetic when ideating.
  2. Did any if the other design techniques help you to work through ideas….? The storytelling defenitely helped and the storyborad was a reflection our consversations and insights that appeared when telling the story, but it did not excatly helped to create more ideas. The storyboard was a consequence of the brainstorming & storytelling. By imagining a “true story” we were able to put ourselves on the shoes of the character and get more engaged. It also helped to combine, reinforce and compliment our ideas and collaborate better, creating a shared understanding of how the new solution should look like.