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a. Reflective listening

Reflective listening provides me with an opportunity to communicate  with my interviewees and build up empathy with them through the whole talking. Following the speaker’s conversation, and keep a clam, just like a complete listener. As a listener’s attitude could be a good choice during designing process. After the interview , reflect the whole conversation, and then analyse the speaker’s feelings and experience from a deeper insight. 

It is a new way to listen and it is also suitable for us in our daily life’s conversation, since sometimes we could find something different with any other emotions and participations.

b. Defamilliarisation of everyday reality

At first, I do not understand the exact meaning of defamilliarisation of everyday life as a tool to observe life. Just like the video shows that, we do know the own experience of taking a bus or a train. The video shows a different view of these experiences, maybe there are different height of body and different attentions, all of these parts help me observe and experience the difference of everyday life from an unfamiliar view.

c Empathic modelling

Removing the clarity of vision is an amazing view of me. Sometimes we usually consider the life of blind. Although it is not a blind people’s view, we also have a totally different view of others. Moving through an environment with reduced vision, I did not know what it was.I could have an imagine of everything.

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