1.Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercises

Reflective listening

Reflective listening exercise help us to pay attention more to the speaker. By listening carefully, and not judging, makes us more considerate to the speaker. We become more focus to the conversation, and understand what speaker feel about the topic.

Defamilitarization of everyday reality

In defamiliarisation of everyday reality, makes me realize that there are many things we experience in our daily life, and there are so much more to observe.

Empathic modelling

In empathic modelling, at first I thought it should be fine wearing glasses with plastic wrap, then I realised it gave me difficulty when moving around. It took me a while to get familiar with things we usually do. When wearing the plastic wrap glasses, I only can recognise the general shape of the object, and the colour, and we have to make a guess, or rely on another sense.

2. Complement your reflection with photographs of the process


3. Include a scanned copy of you defamilitarization forms (public transport)