Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise
(1)Reflective listening

Through the exercise, I think that I am a good listener. And, I need to improve my speaking skill. I should mind the sequence of my talk in every topic. I should catch key points when I talk with my listener . In another hand, as a listener, we need to give the speaker a good respond,make a eye contact.

(2) Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

In watching These videos, I tried to think about what is my feeling in my hart. And, try to think about where my physical sensations were mostlylocated during imagining myself in the bus station and train station. Through this exercise , I would feel that I have empathy with user.

(3)Empathetic Modelling:

In this exercise, We were using plastic wrap to encase the glasses and phone camera . Vision change to unsharp.In a few minutes, I open my eyes wide but I can’t saw anything . And then,I try to use my others sense.