FullSizeRender1.Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise

a. Reflective listening

In this part, Heidi and I chose a topic by ourselves and interviewed each other. Although we were quite familiar with each other before, interviewing is still a new way to acknowledge somethings new. I learned how to create a more interactive conversation. As for a listener, listening carefully and asking relevant questions are extremely important, which can help interviewee be more comfortable and talktive. Never judge what the interviewee talk about and always give he/her a trustful look. As a speaker, I should speak in a moderate speed and clear logic to avoid listener being lost. By doing this exercise, I think interview is the most direct and quick way to gain empathy in a short time.

b. Defamiliarisation of everyday reality 

Video of train and bus reminded me of my own experience immediately. After arrived Sydney, I live in a place which is quite far away from university, therefore I have to travel by train everyday. I always feel lonely when I am waiting for a train, the video recording train station recalled that kind of feeling back, and I started to miss my family member, my friends and my hometown. In terms of the bus one, I remembered that I was nervous when I first take bus. Because passengers have to press the stop button to get off the bus in here, I was afraid of if I couldn’t press the button at the suitable time. Defamiliarisation creates a customized context for different person, because the context is based on memory, sentimental feeling and background.

c. Empathic modelling
This part is quite stimulating. Only with piece of cling wrap, I can discover familiar environment in a unfamiliar way, and everything became blurry. What if the world with cling wrap is exactly a real world of a certain group who can’t see everything clearly? After this thought flashed into my mind, I was astonished. That would be a hard life. It was  interesting to infer location relying on sound and color, but only for a quite short and temporary time.

2.Complement your reflections with photographs of the process

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3.Include a scanned copy of your defamiliarisation forms (public transport)